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        Changing The Game


        Promoting excellence in digital marketing and digital sales, strengthening the profession through the creation of standards, insights and best practices globally.

        Meet Our Global Industry Advisory Champions
        DMI Industry Advisory Champions
        Industry Advisory Champions Chicago 2019

        林冲打得过史文恭吗(From L-R) 林冲打得过史文恭吗Neal Schaffer,?林冲打得过史文恭吗PDCA 林冲打得过史文恭吗林冲打得过史文恭吗Social林冲打得过史文恭吗; Brian Chau,?林冲打得过史文恭吗Coca Cola林冲打得过史文恭吗; Lee Odden,?林冲打得过史文恭吗TopRank Marketing林冲打得过史文恭吗; Tyrona Heath,?林冲打得过史文恭吗LinkedIn林冲打得过史文恭吗; Patrick Dolan 林冲打得过史文恭吗IAB林冲打得过史文恭吗; Julie Roehm,?林冲打得过史文恭吗PartyCity林冲打得过史文恭吗; Mina Seeetharaman,林冲打得过史文恭吗The Economist Group林冲打得过史文恭吗; Brian Lavery, 林冲打得过史文恭吗Accuweather林冲打得过史文恭吗;?Andrew Mortimer,?林冲打得过史文恭吗SKY林冲打得过史文恭吗; Chris Lodolce,?林冲打得过史文恭吗Hubspot林冲打得过史文恭吗; Olivia Kearney,?林冲打得过史文恭吗Microsoft林冲打得过史文恭吗; Keith Moor, 林冲打得过史文恭吗Camelot林冲打得过史文恭吗; Gabe Villamizar, 林冲打得过史文恭吗Lucidchart林冲打得过史文恭吗; Larry Kim, 林冲打得过史文恭吗Mobile Monke林冲打得过史文恭吗林冲打得过史文恭吗y林冲打得过史文恭吗; Mark Kilens, 林冲打得过史文恭吗DRIFT林冲打得过史文恭吗; Mark Evans, 林冲打得过史文恭吗Direct Line林冲打得过史文恭吗; Tom Kendall,?林冲打得过史文恭吗IBM林冲打得过史文恭吗; Barry Thomas, 林冲打得过史文恭吗Coca Cola,林冲打得过史文恭吗?DMI Team Ted Weissberg, Ken Fitzpatrick, Michael Goeden, John Hurley

        Our Global Industry Advisory Champions work for companies such as:

        Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Coca Cola, Twitter, IBM
        Global Standards

        Future Trends


        To promote excellence in the digital marketing and digital sales sectors and to strengthen the profession through the creation of relevant supporting standards, insights and practices that can be applied globally, we have created a unique collaboration through the Global Industry Advisory Champions with educators, industry and influencers to ensure current and future trends.

        Best Practice


        At the core of the Global Industry Advisory Champions work is the identification of current and future trends, contributing to 'best practice' advice, industry research and insights for professionals and the industry. This offers guidance on an educational framework to support the development and promotion of the profession and the opportunities for individuals and businesses.

        The Global Industry Advisory Champions meet annually to actively set the agenda for the digital marketing and selling professions, also contributing to ongoing research and content on current and future trends in the industry.

        DMI Collaboration
        DMI Global Champions

        Leadership Assured


        Members are invited from global leadership companies and organizations that constitute business and consumer leadership, engagement and innovation in technology, platforms, brands, agencies and influencer domains. All members agree to Global Industry Advisory Champions Governance terms which are published and annually reviewed under confidential terms of engagement.


        May 17th 2019, Chicago



        Andrew Mortimer
        Amy Brooks
        Barry Thomas
        Brian Lavery
        Julie Roehm
        Gabe Villamizar
        Lee Odden
        Mark Evans
        Larry Kim
        Mina Seetharaman
        Olivia Kearney
        Mark Kilens
        Mia Mora
        Tami Cannizzaro
        Tom Kendall
        Patrick Dolan
        Shuvo Saha
        Bryan Chau
        Neil Patel
        Neal Schaffer
        Tyrona Heath
        Sangram Vajre


        DMI Global Champions Agenda